what our clients say

We chose the Freedom Securities Programme to run from home as a part time hobby and are incredibly encouraged by what we have experienced so far.  The initial live demonstration followed by the 28-day trial proved how user friendly the system is and that this is a genuine opportunity with great financial potential.  It is as they say…. Choose the days you work, operate from anywhere there is an internet connection, 3hrs per day (sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more) and it’s with this flexibility that we plan to travel down the track with our young family and invest as we go.

The training, support and communication from the Licenser have been invaluable and constant from day one.

We would definitely recommend doing a live demonstration and keeping an open mind!

Thank you, Clive and Brad, for presenting this opportunity.


Sunshine Coast QLD - 2019

After having looked and bought a number of what looked like “systems” that ended up being nothing more than hit -and -miss schemes, I was very pleased and relieved to finally find an actual system, that has rules to follow and are easy to follow and understand.

I have found Clive to be extremely helpful and patient with my many questions and look forward to using this awesome system to help me achieve the lifestyle I’ve been looking for. Highly recommend it…

Fabian Cabello

Melbourne 27th September 2016

We have been operating this business for nearly 10 years and would like to thank you again for introducing us to this business.  It is still performing beyond our expectations and continues to provide my family with an excellent regular income.

This business has provided us with the flexibility of not being tied to set working hours and allows us to operate the business to suit us.  Our Freedom Securities business is still showing an excellent income over the period we have operated the business.


Currabubula, NSW 16th June 2012

It does give me pleasure to confirm with you how our Freedom Securities business is performing. Because of being completely different to what we have been used to, initially we were very hesitant, but with your guidance and follow-up assistance, we have made a very successful business out of your software.

Your daily assistance with the Selection Sheets etc. is very beneficial for us as we can monitor and compare our earnings to what you are doing.

We like the freedom this business gives us and are very happy with our purchase. We are looking forward to many years of working with you and having a very bright and prosperous future.


Burpengary Qld 15th May 2011

I purchased a Freedom Securities System in early 2000. Due to business commitments, I was unable to make full use of the program. I recently retired and have started using the updated versions.

The program is now extremely “user friendly”. And has been quite rewarding.


Noosa 30th May 2001