Steps to Participation

When you decide to trial the system, you will have the Software Programme placed on your computer for you to use during the 28-day trial period.  You will then be trained over Skype / Email or in person over a 3-4 Days during the 28 Day trial period this depends on your geographical location.

It is your choice to proceed step by step.

If, after reading and analysing the following information, you decide to take a closer look, this is the agenda:

  1. Contact us for a brief discussion on your potential involvement.
  2. If you elect to proceed further, then you can go to our Contact Us Page and complete the Confidently Agreement, we will then send you our Starter Pack, which contains...
    • The performance details of the Software Programme from 2009 and as you will observe the profits are substantial.
    • The Software Rights Licence Agreement with Freedom Securities that you will be asked to endorse, once you have decided to proceed.
    • If you want to then go ahead, pay the full amount $49,500 into our Trust Account i.e. Barclay Beirne Lawyers Trust Account, all of which will be refunded in full if you decide not to proceed after the 28 day trial period.
  3. Following the 28 Day trial period is when you make the choice to terminate or invest, if you terminate your full payment is refunded from our Trust account no questions asked.

This is a serious long-term Business Opportunity, not a quick "get rich scheme".

How it Works
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