Business Introduction

A winning formula based on Statistical Probability

The winning Freedom Securities formula is based on mathematical modelling developed for the racing industry in Europe.

Building on this, our Australian mathematical model of the Thoroughbred Racing Industry was developed, with the aim to minimise the financial risk to the investor and provide consistent profits with a manageable investment pool.

Since 1996 the refinement, and live testing the system is now a proven product delivering consistent investment returns and daily cash flow.

The Basics Explained

Based on investing on the Thoroughbred Racing Industry, via the TAB, the system selects races most likely to deliver a win for the investor. It’s a bit like day trading, except we’re using TAB bets and a proven formula, instead of the unpredictability of the share market.

The system draws on historical statistics which show that 85% of winners come from the top four favourites. So, races with hot favourites do not fit the system, which is based only on races showing a more open field.

The system is applied to Thoroughbred Horse Racing and Harness Racing in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, that are all featured on the Australian TAB.

Therefore, the system can be used across all of the racing codes in many different time zones, letting you work from home or anywhere in the world!

Business Features and Benefits:

  • Firstly, let’s be clear, this is not a horse racing form picking system for punters – but a sophisticated and proven investment tool.
  • While the system is easy to learn and operate, the inbuilt programme is extremely sophisticated and proven.
  • Advanced software determines whether to invest, or not. You invest only when the odds are in your favour.
  • Past investment performance returns from existing system users show that an executive level income is achievable, meaning you can make money online while working from home.
  • We believe openness and transparency is vital, which is why we are pleased to share over 10 years of system results with you.
  • We provide training and a complete manual, fully explaining how the programme works, plus daily selection sheets and the previous day’s results to compare against your own.
  • You can receive assistance via a guaranteed daily back-up and support service 7 Days a Week.

PLUS, we also offer you the chance to ‘Shadow Invest’ via our


so you can try it out for yourself.