Business outline


TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! It does not get any better than that!

Description: This is a serious, RECESSION PROOF business opportunity.

This Business is associated with the thoroughbred racing industry, BUT it is not picking winners of horse races. No one can do that successfully.

Only 3% of punters are successful = 97% lose!

The business invests on the short term money market, utilising the “huge” TAB pools.

It is available 7 days and 7 nights. Office averages 3-4 hours per day, 5 days per week. Full time or part time.

28 Day Money Back Guarantee

No knowledge of the industry is required. Very limited computer knowledge is required.

“It is not a get rich quick scheme!”

If you work this business like any other business, you will succeed.

We have taken the risk out to create a business package which is designed to work the short term money market.

You have the opportunity to view what we have on offer, and if you like what you see, then we operate the business “LIVE” without any obligation what so ever, before you make any commitment!

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Important 28 day money back guarantee!

We do not see any money until you are 100% satisfied with what we are offering!

All profits go to you!

Apart from the purchase price of $49,500 plus the Yearly Licence support Fee of $6,000 and just like any other business, you will need some working capital.

We wish to stress that over the years there have been many internet scams running. To prove how genuine this opportunity is, we place your full purchase price ($49,500) into our lawyers trust account, Barclay Beirne Lawyer, for the 28 Day period while we train you. Only after the 28 days of you using the Business Software Programme to your satisfaction, will the money be released to Freedom Securities.

If after the 28 day period you are not satisfied with what we offer or for any reason what so ever you do not wish to proceed with the purchase, your money will be refunded to you, no questions asked.

To succeed, this business must be operated like any other business.

You will have continuous contact and support from Freedom Securities. You will be supplied with training in all aspects of the business with follow up training as needed.

We believe that if you succeed, then the business overall will succeed.

This is a cash only business, (NO accounts or debtors), with lifetime support. Proven systems are in place with free upgrades and full training.

You run the business from home or anywhere with your laptop You keep all the profits

The Freedom Securities business package is a mathematical based program tapping into the profits of one of the biggest international businesses, which can generate the owner/operator consistent profits of $1,000.00 plus per week. NOTE: Returns are purely estimated and do not represent a guarantee of profits! Our business has been consistently providing excellent results since 1996.

The business package provides people with the tools, knowledge and back up to be able to produce a workable alternative to the “normal” 38 hour week, and the security of working for one self.

It gives the owner a viable and excellent income (backed by proved data and results since 1996), not to forget the enviable lifestyle.

Experience in this industry is not required. You do not have to be computer literate.

You will be trained with everything you need to know.

Once training is completed, the business is to be operated just like any other business, and upon doing so you will generate a consistent profit.

Email or Call Clive Gannon Now.

Then, if you still have interest we will conduct a demonstration via Skype or in person, where you can learn about the Software for yourself.

How it Works
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