Business Description

The Origin of Freedom Securities

The birth of the program originated in Europe many years ago, developed by specialists in mathematical formulas, known as Masters of Mathematics, being highly trained in their profession. Research and development over the years continued to minimize risk to the operator and provide consistent profits with a minimum investment.

Freedom Securities provides a complete manual, fully explaining the rules and how the program works. Plus daily selection sheets with further instructions and a copy of the previous day’s results to compare against your own.

Freedom Securities has the following features:

  1. Freedom Securities operates "live" on a daily basis utilizing the massive sums of money that is invested via the TAB throughout this Country (also Internationally).
  2. Freedom Securities arranges all the investments through an extremely sophisticated in-built program simply by pressing a couple of keys to instantly give you what your investments are and your expected returns on any number of runners in any race. All of this is done before any investments are made.
  3. Freedom Securities will gauge whether to invest or not on any particular event. You invest only when the odds are in your favour.
  4. Freedom Securities can be used every day that racing is held. This now means that Monday to Saturday is always available, with Sundays now also forming a major part of racing as well. Night galloping has come into play on PAY-TV, which will add to these meetings to benefit us greatly financially.
  5. YOU are able to choose your own Working hours and which days or nights that suit you best.
  6. You are able to work from any location that The Internet is available … but generally it is the home. The working hours are in the vicinity of three to four hours a day (excluding nights).
  7. Freedom Securities operation is easy to learn from the training supplied and from the use of the Instruction Manual.
  8. You can "play" small or large depending on the amount that you wish to earn, plus the working capital that is available to you.
  9. A bonus that is often available is what we term overlays. This means that the original odds have lengthened since integration into Freedom Securities.

Other Benefits

  • You do not have weekly staff to pay, rent, advertising and other normal business expenses.
  • There are no travelling costs involved if you work from home.
  • You are unrestricted as to when and how often you work. You have seven days and nights from which to choose.
  • Should you decide to shift locations or to move your home, Freedom Securities goes with you without interruption to your work schedule. This includes overseas locations.
  • You receive an unconditional guaranteed daily back-up and support service for any assistance you may require, Monday to Friday.

You are involved in the second largest industry in Australia, namely the Thoroughbred Industry, but not in the traditional way that most people would assume … that is, trying to select a winner of a race to earn money. We are not offering you any form of a horse racing system that tries to tip a winner. This system spreads the investment across the most favoured runners which minimises risk.

What we offer is the completed work of a team of European Mathematics Masters, who have developed a Computer Program that is simplicity in itself to operate, yet the inbuilt program is extremely complex.

You would work the hours you wish from home to earn whatever level of income you require. The more work you do the higher the profits.

There is NO racing form input at all. You operate on certain types of selected races, which you would quickly learn, that fit the system.

Under no circumstances is anyone asked to purchase until they have been completely satisfied as to the authenticity of the program and the potential that it gives to earn them money. To do that it is essential that you see a demonstration and follow that up with personally operating the program on on "live" races. (You are assisted by an experienced trainer). Only basic computer skills are required.

How it Works
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